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Antagningsvillkor: You are proficient in English, equivalent to High School level English since the course is taught in English. You are proficient in using a computer. All applicants will be asked to complete an admissions assignment as part of their application.

Studiestödsnivå (CSN): Eftergymnasial nivå (B1)

Internat: Nej

Kurstid: 21 aug 2023 - 19 jan 2024

2 obligatoriska träffar

Kostnader: Course cost per semester is 1 700 SEK for participants to help cover expenses for guest lecturers and course materials. The cost for personal travel and accommodation to and from the school during the two physical meetings will be an additional cost.

Kontakt: Michelle Andersson

Telefon: 042-19 38 75


An education for you who:

  • Want to work with web programming and web development
  • Have graduated High School
  • Is over 18 years of age

The course provides basic skills and knowledge in web development. We work partially in teams of 2-4 participants in each team and partially individually. The course will often be project based where most of the teaching is online. Online teaching will sometimes alternate with guest lectures online as well as two physical meetings at Sundsgårdens Folkhögskola. Together we will learn about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and the teams will then be able to deepen their understanding and sharpen their skills within these areas of web development. The course is taught from a beginner perspective. We will discuss the basics of programming, what programming is, and what it can be used for. Starting from basics we will then work our way up to more advanced tools. To a large extent, the individual and teams will search for information on their own since this is such a rapidly changing industry and knowing how to find required information is vital.

Beyond just theory and practice we will at times have guest lecturers. Guest lectures include IKEA, among others. We follow a syllabus with different modules where we work individually, in teams, and as a whole class depending on the course content. Majority of the course will be online. By the end of the course the participants will have the skills and knowledge required to create a portfolio that showcases several of the projects created throughout the course.

Prior Knowledge and Requirements

This is a post High School course. Having graduated from High School or equivalent is a requirement. Good understanding of English is required since the course will be taught in English. Prior knowledge in IT programming and/or web design is an advantage, but not a requirement.

Degree and Certificate

After completion and passing the course, participants will receive a certificate of course completion.

Course Content

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Figma
  • Modern design libraries
  • Modern frameworks
  • Git/GitHub
  • Visual Studios Code
  • Programming techniques
  • Agile work

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