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One Style is a one-year forward-thinking course for you who want valuable experience, get new knowledge and improve your skills in one of the styles Locking, Popping, Breaking, Hiphop and House. 

Lediga platser: Nej

Studiestödsnivå (CSN): Gymnasienivå (A2)

Internat: Ja

Kurstid: 14 aug 2023 - 7 jun 2024

Kontakt: Åsa folkhögskola

Telefon: 0157-695 00


One Style
(For course information in Swedish, go to the school's website here.)
This course offers participants the chance to study with a dynamic and skilled group, to experiment and explore through freestyling. You will have great opportunities to develop your dance identity while working in small groups and studying a variety of topics, such as history, dance technique and culture. 
You will have two physical classes and one theory class per week with your mentor, and three group sessions with your One Style group. Additionally, there will be afternoon classes such as physical, dance psychology and recovery. 

About Åsa folkhögskola 
Åsa folkhögskola is located one hour from Stockholm in a village called Sköldinge. The school offers different educational programs, such as dance, music and highschool studies. The school has a boarding school which means that you live at the school and take part in boarding school activities. The school cafeteria offers breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday to Friday. The main language at the school is Swedish but the dance courses are taught in English.

Hiphop – Nils Therén
House – Joel "Jo-L" Gläfke, TBA
Locking – Alexander "A-train" Dam
Popping – Stockos Pacquit Matthieu
Breaking – Mike Camara

Prior knowledge
You must be 18 years or older and have dance experience from one or more of the dance styles within the One Style course. The course can be very demanding both psychically and mentally. You must be free from injuries and be in good health.

Course lenght
1 year (14th of August – 7th of June).

Online audition – how to apply
In order to make the audition accessible for international students, the auditions to the dance course will be conducted online.
The audition will be done in three parts. You'll find all the relevant information on the auditions and how to apply here.

Deadline for application is Sunday 12th of March, 23.59 (Swedish time).
Note: If you do not have a Swedish social security number, send your application with your videos here.
If you have a Swedish social security number, apply via Schoolsoft här.

Audition dates
Physical test: Friday 17th of March 13–15 (Swedish time).
Group interviews: Tuesday 4th of April 09–16 (Swedish time).

The One Style course is free of charge. But every student has to pay a monthly fee which includes rent for the boarding school and served food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) Monday to Friday, except for holidays and breaks. The monthly fee is spanning from 5 800 SEK to 8 000 SEK, depending on if you share bedroom or not. Note: the fee is charged from the first week, even if you would be some days up to two weeks late for the course.

Send your questions about the course and auditions to:  

Kursen på skolans webbplats (öppnas i nytt fönster)

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Åsa folkhögskola

Det hörs, syns och känns att man går på Åsa folkhögskola. Skolan ligger vackert i Sörmland, nära järnvägsknutarna Katrineholm och Flen. Du bor billigt på vårt internat. Åsa är en mötesplats för folk från världens alla hörn. Deltagare med särskilda behov har möjlighet till hjälpmedel. Nästan alla skolans lokaler är anpassade för rörelsehindrade. Ett flertal hörslingor finns.

Läs mer om skolan

Åsa folkhögskola
Åsa folkhögskola
641 64 Sköldinge

Telefon: 0157-695 00 (växel)

Jag vill vara en positiv röst för andra unga

För Wesley var dansen en räddning under en tuff uppväxt. På Åsa folkhögskolas danslinje lär han sig inte bara fem olika stilar inom streetdance, utan även att växa som människa.

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