New Education for Contemporary Dance

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Härnösands folkhögskola
Härnösand - Västernorrlands län
1-3 år
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9 maj 2024

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Antagningsvillkor: Applicants must be over 18 years old by the August 26, 2024. The course is suitable for school leavers, students and dancers aiming to continue their professional development. Applicants must have previous experience in every day training.

Studiestödsnivå (CSN): Gymnasienivå (A2)

Internat: Ja

Kurstid: 26 aug 2024 - 13 jun 2025

Kostnader: A basic fee of SEK 500 is paid per term and is non-refundable. There are additional course-specific costs for e.g books and study visits/travel. More information is provided in the welcome letter.

Kontakt: Danielle Dietz

Telefon: +46705504094


The application for 24/25 is now open! Don’t hesitate to apply! After the application date 31 March, we have continuous acceptance if there are places left and auditions can be arranged.

1-4 year program of training before the next step in dance

Through intensive training and creation periods this dance program focuses on artistry, technique, creativity, sophistication and maturity. The program will have positive effects on a dancer’s confidence and abilities so each individual can successfully move forward with their career in the dance field.

Every student will get direct access to performance- and career coaching with Coco Regina, known from TAW (The Audition Workshop).

In depth focus on the course Dance and Film, taught by the established choreographer Helena Franzén and filmmaker, photographer and scenographer Håkan Jelk. Ongoing course with the camera and editing programs will be led by Mathieu Hebeisen.

Unmissable to the education is the strong connection with ilDance yearly workshops and choreographic projects with Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer as well as the possibility to audition for their young company ilYoung.

The coming study year will start with a circus course on the slack rope, to learn how to accept being off balance and negotiate ‘balancing’.This course will be taught by former student of NEfCD and currently last year student at Artesis, Antwerp, Elly-My Blomdahl.

NEW for the study year starting 2022

A three-year project with three house-practitioners who will be closely connected to the program. They will meet the students on a regular basis in the form of research, workshops and creations.

The three house-practitioners for the years 2022-2025 will be:

Israel Aloni

Liza Tegel

Valtteri Keinänen.

An extremely high rate of previous students continue within dance; they will be found in P.A.R.T.S.(Bruxelles), Artesis(Antwerp), SEAD (Salzburg), Fontys(Tilburg, The Netherlands), Pera(Cyprus), Expanded Contemporary Dance(Amsterdam), London Contemporary Dance School, Artez(Arnhem,The Netherlands), DOCH (Stockholm), Ballet Academy (Stockholm) and Anton Bruckner Privat Universität (Linz). 

The education is in English.

Course objective

The program will give you the best possible conditions for continuing with your career in the dance field.

Today’s dancefield needs dancers that are independent artists (dancer/maker): 

- Artists that are equipped with tools to support a creative process with a               choreographer (both on a technical and on a creative level).

- Artists that are equipped with tools to create their own works.

- Artists that are equipped with tools to reflect and discuss around the field of contemporary dance in relation to the arts and to our surrounding world.

In the program the young dancer also gets help with contacts to higher education in and outside of Sweden.

Course content

  • Contemporary dance


The Teachers Team consists of Danielle Dietz (Contemporary, Ballet, Improvisation, Composition, Choreographer, Theoretical topics), Ian Butler (Graham, Contemporary, Contact improvisation, Choreographer and Rehearsal director), Marja Bennet( Alexander technique and practical anatomy) and Anne-Sophie Chrobok( strength and cardio) , Mathieu Hebeisen (camera course).

The teachers Team form a support group around the students:

The team discusses as a group as well as together with the students on a weekly basis the extra needs for the students mental and physical wellbeing.

From there we can decide for the students to get support and guidance from a mentor (Marja Bennet, Mathieu Hebeisen, Danielle Dietz) or the school's curator. Even extra Alexander Technique sessions or physiotherapy with Anne-Sophie is offered.

If the student needs further support we will help to find support outside of the school's program.

NEW EDUCATION FOR CONTEMPORARY DANCE also offers the following programs:

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Jag vill vara en positiv röst för andra unga

För Wesley var dansen en räddning under en tuff uppväxt. På Åsa folkhögskolas danslinje lär han sig inte bara fem olika stilar inom streetdance, utan även att växa som människa.

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Härnösands folkhögskola

Härnösands folkhögskola är en öppen mötesplats för lärande och personlig utveckling. På de långa kurserna går ca 300 studerande. Vi erbjuder behörighetsgivande kurser, musik-, opera- och dansutbildningar, teckenspråkskurser, kontakttolkutbildning, idéinriktade kurser och spännande sommarkurser.

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